Embracing Abundance: A Year of Dance and Discoveries in 2023

Greetings, dear friends and supporters of Abundance Entertainment! As we step into a new year, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey that was 2023. A year filled with learning, adventure, and, of course, enchanting dance performances. Join me as we delve into the highlights that made this year truly extraordinary.

# Professional Development: Unleashing the Power Within

The year kicked off with a whirlwind of workshops and learning experiences. From the transformative teachings of Tony Robbins to the elegance of a French A2.2 course and the dynamics of an ecommerce event, each endeavor added new layers to my dance artistry.

# Dance Milestones: Fire, Pole, and More

On the dance front, 2023 witnessed a spectrum of achievements. I conquered a challenging poledance move, created a mesmerizing firecrown, and crafted my first firedance tricks indoor show. The highlight? Dancing on a tank at the Tuning World Bodensee, swinging flags during car competitions, and even driving in the tank myself – a unique performance amidst the roar of engines.

# 7 Global Adventures: Dancing Across Borders

The dance floor extended far beyond stages, taking me to seven countries. From the glamour of Monaco's top events to Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Italy and the scenic beauty of Croatia's first oriental private pool dance performance, each destination became a canvas for my dance art.

# Artistic Expansions: Beyond Dance

Art Basel provided a canvas for inspiration, and I celebrated personal milestones with my first vernissage featuring dance, art, philosophy and a captivating performance as a living Barbie. Exploring diverse roles, I even became a model for Esslingen City's Christmas Market website.

# Business Ventures: Dancing into E-commerce

In the realm of business, 2023 marked the launch of my first Shopify store, adding a new dimension to Abundance Entertainment. The year saw collaborations with luxury resorts, private members club China Club, and Asian-themed events, further establishing Abundance as a name synonymous with high-end entertainment.

# Personal Triumphs: Beyond the Stage

Beyond the spotlight, personal triumphs unfolded. I explored the world of golf, earned my golf course certificate, and savored mulberries freshly picked from a tree. The completion of my master's thesis, sitting in a helicopter for the first time, and encounters with pomegranate trees added rich layers to this tapestry of experiences.

# Quantum Leap in Success: A Year of Progress

In total, I devoted 38 days to creating enchanting moments (excluding travel days), a testament to the dedication poured into every performance. The master thesis break and a pause in January provided room for reflection, and I emerged stronger, with a 41% increase in workload and a doubled income (!) from 2022 to 2023.

# The Journey Ahead: Book Abundance for Your Extraordinary Event

As we bid farewell to the vibrant tapestry of 2023, I invite you to be a part of the dance magic in the year ahead. Abundance Entertainment is not just a performance; it's a promise to turn your events into unforgettable experiences. From fire dance to gogo dance, and the allure of belly dance, let's craft moments that resonate with the rhythm of life.

Feel free to explore my Showreel (https://youtu.be/7-OkM6FjVjc?si=doHaQJzwcEgBVTYN) for a glimpse into the magic, and let's make your event extraordinary together. Book Abundance Entertainment, and let the dance of abundance unfold at your doorstep.

Here's to a year filled with rhythm, grace, and the boundless magic of dance!

With abundance,
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